Pistol of Fire

Pyramid Apricot at Barney's Beanery

Mike’s 27th birthday is Friday, but we celebrate Thursday because we both have off. I start with a 10am yoga session. After a week I’m starting to see the results of yoga. Not on the scale (of course), but I just feel better. Mike sleeps in because he’s been working crazy hours. After a quick shower when I get back, I make us brunch. All Mike asked for today was bacon. I can do that. I make us breakfast sandwiches with an over easy egg, mozzarella cheese, bacon, ketchup, and spicy mustard. Not to toot my own horn, but they’re the bomb. I can’t make much, so you better believe I’m going to revel in what I can make.

I only got him a card and a Venice T-shirt because we’re cutting back, but today is on me…minus the double feature. Mike always pays for the movies. We see 21 Jump Street in the afternoon and Jeff, Who Lives At Home, in the early evening. In between, we get a couple beers and appetizers at Barney’s Beanery. At the second film, we walk up to wait in line and I start tugging on Mike’s arm. “What are you doing?” I tug again. He really needs to learn how to take a hint. Helen Hunt is one person in front of us, but Mike is too late to see her as she walks in. She turned to the side and I noticed her face was caked in cover-up. C’mon, Helen, that’s not necessary. Celebrity sighting #11.

We stop home for a glass of wine before our 8pm reservation at Nikki’s. Yes, the same place where I blacked out with Nell. Mrs. Manfre got us a couple vouchers off Living Social for a Belvedere Vodka Martini and Food Tasting. Mike and I have no idea what to expect, but are more than pleasantly surprised by the service and the food and the alcohol. The place itself is really cool, too. All the TV’s have different March Madness games going on, and we watch aptly. I’m really mad at myself for not doing a bracket this year – it’s much for fun that way.

Making martinis

I did my first bracket when I was working at the Gloucester County Times in 2007. I met up with all the guys at some sports bar and drank beer while drafting our teams. It wasn’t a normal bracket. It was like a March Madness fantasy draft. I had no idea who to pick, and I needed help, so I texted my brother. Mistake #1. Here I am thinking, Stephen can help me not look like a complete asshole in front of these people. In hindsight, I should have texted one of my guy friends who actually cared about me. So I’m looking at my options when I text Stephen. He tells me to pick Pete Maravich. “He’s a sleeper pick, no one will pick him.” I look at my list and this guy isn’t even on it. Wow, he must really be a sleeper. I get excited to announce my pick to these guys. As soon as I do, I regret it. There’s a pause and stare at me, followed by immediate laughter. Shawn keeps me going. “Uh Linds, are you sure about that?” I’m confident, thinking I’m lucky I picked this guy before one of them got him. “Um, Linds, I don’t know who you’re getting your information from, but Pete Maravich is dead.” My jaw drops. What? The laughing ensues, and so begins my new nickname: Pistol Pete. I immediately go in the bathroom and call Stephen. I yell at him and explain where I am and what the situation is – this only makes him laugh harder. He has no idea I was with so many dudes – my colleagues – when this was taking place. You are such an asshole. Like seriously, what a jerk. This is my brother, people.

*Kings of Leon

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