Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten

Mike on Auction Hunters

Mike has his television debut Wednesday on a live episode of Auction Hunters on SpikeTV. Tuesday he worked, prepping for the show from 7:30am-11pm. When he left I was in bed and when he walked in the door I was in bed. I feel like a lazy person. It’s OK, though. I’ve made a decision, Mike. I’d really like it if we didn’t have a 50/50 relationship anymore. I want you to take care of me. Listen, I’m not unrealistic; I know it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but in time, I’d rather you just provide for the both of us. I’ve actually scared him with this comment. “No, Lindsay.” It’s almost a whine. Ugh, fine. What’s worse is that Mike doesn’t want it to be 50/50 either – he wants ME to provide for the both of us when I’m “famous”. Right, I’m going to be famous. You’ve made a TV debut in California before me!

Wednesday he works 7am-10pm. I try to watch the show at work but I have too many people sitting at the bar watching the stupid Lakers game. (Side note: I despise the NBA.) Mike tells me later that they rehearse over and over before the show. This is kind of a big deal – a reality show airing live. I think they’ve done it because too many people have criticized the show, saying it’s staged. It’s not staged: it’s just edited really, really well (RE – ‘rolling eyes’). Mike’s cousin, Ryan, DVR’s the show and gets a still of Mike and posts it on fb. He later tells Mike it was an awkward episode to watch. Obviously. The only reason it’s good is because the editors make it so. But overall, it’s a cool experience. Live television is crazy and hectic. They’ve been practicing for hours, and now it’s time to go. Right before they go live, a cameraman turns to Mike and couple other PA’s. “Just think about it: we get paid to do this shit. We could be sitting behind some desk right now. This is fun.” Mike gets jacked. This IS fun. I mean, he’s making a lot less than that camera man, but this is still more fun than sitting behind a desk, and Mike is working towards something better in this industry. He’s definitely headed in the right direction.

Meanwhile, I’m doing a double, triple, quadruple take of someone sitting at a booth in Lilly’s. That really looks like Kevin Spacey sitting in that booth with two early 20-something good looking guys. But I can’t be sure, until I hear him talk. Yes, that is Kevin Spacey. Celebrity sighting #10. Wow, definitely the biggest star I’ve seen thus far. Kevin Spacey is the man. But you know, I’m pretty sure he’s gay. Corrinne comes behind the bar. Corrinne, I think that’s Kevin Spacey! “Oh, yea, it is. He’s gay.” Wait, what? This is funny to me because Corrinne never takes any interest in famous people. Why did you just say that? Because I thought he was gay, too. “Tropez told me.” Well how does he know?” I keep looking at Mr. Spacey. I can’t tell if he’s looking at me or not because he has on a hat low over his eyes. He looks like he’s trying not to be noticed. Unsurprising. I imagine the two young guys he’s with are his sons. They’re good looking… but wait, are they looking at me? What’s happening? OK, they’re not interested in me. They want their check. Tropez, what the hell? Where are you? I tell Corrinne I think they’re waiting and tell her to bring it to them. I don’t want to go over there and look like a creepy fan. The two young guys say bye to me but Kevin just puts his head down and walks out. Tropez comes behind the bar. Tropez, that was Kevin Spacey. “Oh yea, I know.” You think he’s gay?” “Oh, he is.” Well, I thought so, too, but how do you really know? “Oh, c’mon, because I know everything.” OK, but really. At this point, Francis is behind the bar, wanting to know what we’re talking about. He and Tropez are implying that he was out with his “boyfriends”. What? They looked like they could have been his sons! “Oh, c’mon, Lindsay.” They talk to me like I’m so naive – as many people do. Those boys were pretty cute, too. They looked younger than me.

Tropez was waiting on him the whole time. So what was he like; did you talk to him? “Yes, I said, how is everything Mr. Sose?” You did not. “Yes, you know, Kaiser Sose.” Yea, Tropez, I know who Kaiser Sose is; did you really say that to him? “Yes and then I walked away.” Tropez walks away from me with a weird limp and I lose it. Tropez, seriously, did you say that to him. He finally tells me no. This guy.


6 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten

  1. First of all, I’m so jealous that you see all of these celebrities! Second of all, John and I have that same discussion/argument almost daily. I keep telling him to just get a second job so I don’t have to work anymore but he never goes for it. Those Manfre boys are lazy!

      1. Mandy makes more than me so she’s the one headed in the right direction. Stay at home Dad here I come!!!

  2. You see Kevin Spacey, my FAVORITE actor, and I have to read about it in a god damn blog? Really? I’m hurt. Michael just texted me and said “If we told you, it would have ruined the blog”


    1. such hostility! i didn’t even know he was your favorite! but anyway, it’s true, i do save everything for the blog. I don’t even tell my mom stuff; she has to read about it.

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