No mas Tinsel Tears (It’s a New Cheer)

Halloween 1997

Celebrity sighting #9 Monday night is Tim Meadows. When I first spot him at the end of my bar with thick black glasses my first thought is Spike Lee, but as I walk over, I get a happy feeling of Saturday Night Live. He’s with a young lady who reminds me of the chick from the White Stripes. He has the Steak Frites and two glasses of cabernet, asking for a side of mayonnaise rather than ketchup for his fries. He’s very friendly and polite.  Growing up, LMonny and I were pretty much obsessed with the Spartan cheerleaders, Craig and Ariana (Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri). We even dressed up as them for Halloween in 8th grade. We didn’t just dress up; oh no, we did Spartan cheers periodically throughout the night.

At that age, the best weekends (for me) consisted of sleepovers at Lauren’s house watching Saturday Night Live and making movies. We would watch SNL, waiting and hoping for the Spartan cheerleaders to come on. If they did, we’d obviously be taping it, and then replay it over and over until we nailed the cheer. There were some times when I’d come over and Lauren would NOT want to make a movie. I always wanted to make movies. I loved it. If we weren’t making movies what could we do?

I spent a lot of my time with the Montague family in those days. I was invited to family parties and down the shore in the summer. Lauren has a ridiculously enormous family with most of them living in a relatively close vicinity to one another, so they were always getting together. I loved that. Lauren would invite me and be bored, while I loved being around so many people at one time. The Montague’s became my second family. By the time we were in college, I was greeting them all with kisses and hugs. “How are you, how is everything?” They eventually came to care about me. They had to; I was around so much!

22nd birthday celebration with Laur and Johnny 2006

I always begged Mom to have a little brother for me. Mom, c’mon, I have an older brother, an older sister, and two younger sisters. I NEED a little brother. She didn’t even bother entertaining my plea. But I did always want one. I found my little brother in Johnny, Lauren’s brother. He annoyed the crap out of us growing up – especially Lauren. He became extremely annoying to me, too, but I still cared about him. As he got older, and became a real person, Johnny was awesome. He’s only two years younger than us, so it wasn’t too long before we actually enjoyed hanging out with him.

I’ve always been one for having lists and favorites. I feel every person should have a favorite movie and actor and color and all that. I hate when people say, ‘Oh, I don’t know, I have a lot.’ Just pick one. It doesn’t really even matter if it is your absolute favorite, but if you say, ‘I don’t know,’ to a favorite question, then you are officially boring. I’ll give you some of mine: favorite color-green, movie-Meet Joe Black, season-summer, holiday-Christmas, sport-field hockey, book-Harry Potter (series), food-sushi, song-Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones, singer-Billy Joel. So when you ask me who is my best friend, I need an answer, and that person is Lauren Montague. I have a lot of amazing friends, but I consider Lauren my best. One year in middle school we had Best Friend necklaces; you know, one person has Best and the other has Friend. Maybe it wasn’t necklaces. It might have been bracelets or something. Anyway, she was over for some holiday, and Uncle Chuck made fun of us for having them. “Why do you have those? It’s not like you’re going to be friends when you’re older.” I thought that was a really weird thing to say. Why wouldn’t we be friends? Lauren told him we would, and our kids would be friends, too. He just laughed. Any time in future years when Lauren and Uncle Chuck were over at the same time she’d remind him that we’re still friends. I don’t think I ever really, really thought about it, but labeling Lauren as the best has to do with how much her family took me in. I feel like I am really a part of that family, and family is the most important.

*The Classic Brown

3 thoughts on “No mas Tinsel Tears (It’s a New Cheer)

  1. Lindsay that was such a nice story that you wrote about you and Lauren ….best friends you brought a tear to our eyes! We loved having you over because you were actually nice to us! Lauren…. well you know Lauren! We love her anyway! Johnny always enjoyed bugging you as much as Laur! Good Times Good Times! —-Delicious Dish! When are you coming home? Stop over if you can, Till then we’ll follow you on this! Luv Ya Mary Kay & John

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