It’s Only Life

Me and Kelly at the Stetson residence 2006

I listen to a voicemail from Kelly O on my way in to work. I actually have to save it midway through because it’s so long and I’m afraid I’m going to be late. She and LMonny always leave me really long messages, which I love. I still have two messages saved from LMonny from December or January. One is of her speaking French (or trying to). There was a third one at some point of Lauren singing what seemed like the entire song “White Christmas” but replacing White with “California”. Really enjoyed that one..saved it for a while but lost it from not checking my voicemail enough. I should really upload my voicemails to my computer to save them forever. Is there a way to do that?

Quick backstory on Kelly O. We became friends when I came to Oakview Elementary School in second grade. My most vivid memory was one day playing outside – we were only allowed on the blacktop because it had been raining. We were playing boys chase girls or something like that, and I guess it was slippery. I fell hard on the blacktop. There was broken glass on the ground (obviously, on a elementary school playground), and my knee was bleeding really bad. It seemed even worse because I had on white pants. Kelly picked me up and carried me to the nurses’ office. She was my hero that day. I don’t remember any teachers being around or escorting me to the nurse. Only Kelly. It would be awesome if she did actually carry me to the nurse but I’m sure that’s not possible.

Roaming the high school hallways 2002

We’ve been friends ever since. We’ve had phases of being closer at some times more than others. We always fought in middle school and high school. We would get so mad at each other. Once out of high school that completely stopped. It’s weird because I can’t even imagine getting in a fight with Kelly today. About anything. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up.

So Kelly gets sidetracked at the beginning of her voicemail because it’s daylight savings time. She’s wondering if “we” (California) turn the clocks back, because if we don’t, the time change will be different from what she’s used to. Also, Kelly always thinks it’s a four hour difference instead of a three hour difference. I’m sure she doesn’t realize it, but every time she leaves a message she guesses the time in California and it’s an hour off. It’s OK, Kel.

Later at work, Kelly texts me because I had asked her a question earlier. Tropez comes behind the bar to “scold” me for texting. I put it in quotes because he doesn’t ever really yell at me. He inspects my phone and sees Kelly’s name. “Kelly O’Donnell?” I don’t know why, but when he says her name out loud I laugh. He’s talking about Kelly! She’d be so excited. Um, yea, she’s a big fan of yours. “Me?! I know her?” No, but I write about you in my blog. Now I’m just opening doors I shouldn’t, but I feel like I can tell Tropez about my blog. I explain that he actually comes up a lot in my blog, and a lot of my friends know him and want to meet him. “Really? So I have fans?” Oh yes, Tropez, you definitely have fans. You’re very popular. He wants to read it, so I show him on the computer. He proceeds to read my blog. “Your blog makes me sad.” What, why? “Because you are mad at me and don’t tell me. You can talk to me.” I start to feel bad until he starts making fun of me. “You write EVERY DAY? You have no life?” No, Tropez, I don’t. I go to work, I work out, I write, and I drink.


Tropez is going to France for the last week of March and first week of April. He asks if I can cover some shifts for him. Well, I’m already working six days a week, so what are you asking me? He wants me to work a double or two. Tropez, why don’t we hire someone else? Everyone here works full time, so if anyone needs off, it’s near impossible for people to cover shifts. “I agree with you. I want to hire two people: a bartender and a server, but Francis doesn’t want to.” Why? “I don’t know.” Awesome. OK, so I’m not going to cover your shifts. And I’m going to tell everyone else not to cover your shifts, so Francis will be forced to hire another person. Tropez laughs. I’m serious. He’s not thinking long term, he’s thinking right now. “Yea, it’s good. You go home next month, you buy your mom and your dad presents, you spend all your money in New Jersey, you have a good time.” He draws out each point like I’m going on a lavish vacation. Ugh. Fine. He always convinces me to willingly do what he wants me to do. He promises it won’t be a problem when I take off twice in April. OK, then. It better not.

I show him this picture I took of him and he makes fun of the little piece of hair falling on his forehead. I’m giggling that I finally have a picture of Tropez for the blog. He threatens to log in and post some comments. Fine by me – he’s all talk anyway.

*The Shins

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