This Used to be my Playground

Me and Magali at Lilly's

Celebrity sighting #6. This lady comes into the bar for lunch and looks familiar for some reason. She’s an actor, definitely, but I can’t place her. Magali tells me she’s a regular. She came in one night with Nick Cannon, who Magali thinks is SO HOT. I dislike him ever since he came to Monmouth for some dumb MTV show. He thought he was pretty cool. “She was in Point Break.” Yea, I never saw that. Wouldn’t know her from that.

Lunch is ending and her party is the only table I have – she’s with another lady and two little kids. The kids are running around with the Mom and she’s kind of just hanging out, drinking champagne. “Do you want us to go?” No, no, you guys are totally fine, I still have a lot of stuff to do. She sits at the bar and I can’t resist looking her up in my phone. She just paid the bill with a credit card so it’s easy to find her – Lori Petty. It’s Kit! From A League of Their Own! Yea, her voice is so distinctive. It’s weird though; she looks so different now. Boycut hair, big glasses, tattoos all over her arms. She’s very thin (shocker), sporting over-sized sweats and an old-looking T-shirt. I’m still looking in my phone when she asks me something. “Don’t you just hate one-night stand stalkers?” Umm. I don’t really know how to respond to this. “And it was six months ago.” Wow, that’s pretty crazy. “He keeps texting me from unknown numbers so I don’t know it’s him, and I have to answer my phone for work. He’ll be like, ‘Hey Lori’ and I’ll be like, ‘Hey, who’s this?’ and it’s him.” What a creeper. I wish I could say I understand but I’ve never had a one-night stand stalker, Kit.

The next day I look on before heading out. My settings are set to see Venice, CA and Woodbury, NJ. It’s nicer at home today. What’s up with that? Still, I go for a leisurely 8-mile ride on Billy with my friends palm tree, beach, and ocean. It’s sunny but a little chilly. I decide to sign up for this gym near me. It’s called YAS and it’s all spinning and yoga classes. I’ve been wanting to do yoga for a while because it’s supposed to be really good for your breathing and all that. I sign up for one month with unlimited classes, just to try it out. The first day I do a 45-minute spin class with Ashley. It’s the best spin class I’ve ever had with the best instructor. Everything out of this girl’s mouth motivates me. And her play list consists of awesome rock music. I’ve only been in classes where they play weird techno or dance music that really does nothing for me. I tell her after the class. She’s awesome.

Surprisingly, I’m not sore the next day as I head to a different class: this one is 30 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of yoga. Yoga feels great after spin because it’s basically really deep stretching. I suck at it. Like really bad. I’m so not flexible. The first thing we do is sit cross legged with our backs straight. This is already a challenge for me. When we stick our legs straight out in front of us, she asks us to flex our feet before bending forward and touching our toes. Just sitting up straight and flexing my feet sends pain through my body. I’m not even kidding. Needless to say, I’m extremely sore the next day.

I just got my tax return (woohoo!), so I head to the bank to take out some cash for when I go home next month. I want to set it aside now so I don’t think I really have the money to spend. Whatever, it makes sense in my head. I’m standing at the ATM when a lady walks up in line behind me. She’s talking on her phone. I do a double take. I’m in love with the show so I recognize her immediately – Monica, from Shameless (Chloe Webb). Celebrity sighting #7.


4 thoughts on “This Used to be my Playground

  1. Lucky you … I would have been star stuck seeing Kit !!! Get look you described is how she looked in Orange is the New Black (but you probably already knew that since this post if 3 years old)

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