Chapel of Love

The ring bearer and the flower girl

I’ve always loved weddings. I was always jealous growing up when my friends got to go to one. Older people would tell me, trust me, you’ll have plenty of weddings to attend when you’re older, and you’ll be sick of them. I never believed that. I also never would have thought that all these weddings would start happening as soon as I moved across the country. Alas, that seems to be the case.

It all started with Uncle Chuck’s wedding, and then Aunt Sue’s. I know they were close to each other because I wore the same dress to both (and Mom made my dress – have to add that). I was the flower girl in Uncle Chuck’s. I don’t remember walking down the aisle. All I remember is that I had to dance with the ring bearer at the reception and thought my life would be over. It was humiliating and felt like everyone was staring at us. Mom thought it was so cute, forcing us to take a picture together. My hands were sweating and I was not happy. God, Mom, could you be any more embarrassing! But after that, was the dancing. All night. Dancing with my sisters, Mom, Dad, Uncle Chuck. Then something called the jitterbug started to play and Grandma and Pop-pop took over the dance floor. It was the first time I thought, ‘Wow, my grandparents are so cool. How do they dance like that?’ At Aunt Sue’s wedding, I spent most of the night at my cousin Kelly and her husband (then boyfriend) Don’s side. I had the time of my life and was probably so annoying.

Don and Kelly at Aunt Sue and Connie's wedding

April is my first trip home since I’ve been here – so about six months – and it’s for Lauren Stever’s wedding. It’s also the first wedding I’m in. I was so excited when she asked me, but bummed a little when I realized I wouldn’t be around for anything leading up to her big day. There’s definitely a responsibility that comes with being a bridesmaid. I’m so excited to be home for five days and see everyone and be there for Lauren’s wedding.

Since I decided to come out to California, it’s been like a domino effect with the weddings, and not just acquaintances; these are all my good friends. Or cousins – David told me first I think, when he and Brittany got engaged I told him I wouldn’t miss his wedding. (September). Then it was RJ, who’s been my friend since 8th grade (November). Then Sarah Jones told me about hers back in October or so, for this summer in Vermont (June). Right before I came out here, Jackie announced her engagement to Pat (August 2013). Jackie is one of The Girls – enough said. Then Heather and Doug, who have been together for most of their life. Heather is another one of The Girls and Doug is one of Mike’s best friends (April 2013). Nick recently sent out the text:  “My wedding date-July 6th 2013. Lock it in! Booom.” So next year, that’s one in April, July, and August. C’mon people, plan these closer together so I don’t have to make so many trips! Obviously, I’m kidding, but I really wish the teleport would be invented already.

Mandy and John, June 7, 2008

I shouldn’t pick a favorite, but I will. The most fun I think I’ve ever had at a wedding was John and Mandy’s. It was the hottest day ever. I felt bad for the dudes in their tuxes and the girls in their long dresses. The ceremony was outside. It probably would have been a short service anyway, but it was cut even shorter because of the heat (1 point). Mike looked liked he was going to pass out. The reception was immediately after and right there (2 points), so everyone could just move into the air conditioned building. All the tables were movie-themed (I sat at the Dumb and Dumber table) (3 points) and the bridal party was hilarious when they all came out (4 points). Mike was the best man and gave an awesome speech, so I got to be the proud girlfriend (5 points). It was a buffet, so we didn’t have to sit through a long dinner (6 points). After that, it was non-stop dancing (7 points), so credit has to be given to a good DJ (8 points). It was just a really laid back, fun wedding with a lot of fun people (9 points).

I just made up the point system right now but that was kind of fun. Honestly, though, I’ve never been to a wedding where I didn’t have an awesome time. It will always be more fun than stressful to book a flight home for a wedding.

*The Dixie Cups

3 thoughts on “Chapel of Love

  1. omg – i can’t believe that picture of you,don and i…too funny! you didn’t even mention the “fight” on the dance floor or aunt jackie breaking her hip…now that was a good wedding!!

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