July, July!

Nick's birthday party 2005

There’s a staff meeting Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. Tropez text the night before to tell me. I just love the short notice. Still, I’m surprised we’re having a meeting – this is the first one since I’ve been there. He says it’s just to go over the schedule, surely because Dorian is leaving and we can’t all cover his shifts. Dorian’s last shift is tonight. He texts me in the afternoon. “Hey can you cover for me tonight I’ve got too many things to do before I go to Thailand tomorrow.” Right. It’s your last shift for a month and a half and you can’t work. I grudgingly tell him yes and tell him he owes me one.

At the meeting, there is no talk of hiring a new person – we are all here to try and cover Dorian’s shifts. By the end, I’m working six days a week with Thursdays off. Everyone is working a lot. I’m taking off in April, so I need the money. Otherwise, this would not be cool. Francis is happy with the schedule and asks if there is anything anyone wants to talk about. Shit. I wasn’t expecting this. No one jumps at the chance. Umm yes, I have issues. I don’t know what I bring up first but I say something. Corrinne is quiet. I keep looking at her and saying her name. Right, Corrinne? Don’t you agree, Corrinne? “Yes, yes.” She agrees with everything I say. She’s being quiet because she’s been here too long and doesn’t think it will make a difference. At one point everyone is speaking/yelling French. They seem to be arguing – Dorian, Corrinne, Francis, Magali: the whole lot. Francis looks at me and then back at the group. “Speak English so Lindsay can understand.” It’s kind of hilarious. I’m looking from person to person with this consternated, frustrated look on my face, surely, trying to understand. Francis realizes this. Tropez is weirdly quiet during the meeting, which of course makes me mad. He says if you have problems to tell the people to their faces. I’m the new person, and you’re the manager! If I have a problem I tell you. If people aren’t doing their job you should tell them, not me. Who’s going to listen to me? Corrinne speaks up and says I can tell her. Christ, Corrinne, I don’t mean you. I mean everyone else. She’s so nice, she doesn’t realize I’m trying to make a point. Tropez needs to be a manager and tell people what to do. He doesn’t do that. Ever. We end the meeting with some kind of resolution. Everyone needs to set up the bar and restaurant for the next shift – do your sidework. I recommend posting a list of what the sidework is. I don’t mind not having sidework, but sometimes it’s nice to have a checklist. Tropez and Francis say they will post it. They both act like they’ve done this before and it doesn’t make a difference. I’m so frustrated by the whole thing. Francis seems to have a panic attack when he sees me start to go off. He doesn’t want to deal with me.

I come back for work at 5pm, to cover Dorian’s shift. There’s plates all over the bar. There’s racks of glasses behind the bar. There’s boxes all over the floor. The bar is dirty. Dude, seriously? We just had a meeting about setting up the bar for next person, not to mention you asked me to cover your shift hours before and you’re the one who worked the lunch shift. This is how you thank me? I’m so pissed. Dorian stops in to say bye. Corrinne tells me I should say something to him, but what’s the point? He’s leaving for over a month. He can’t make up for anything he’s done. I can only hope that Dorian doesn’t come back. He already told met that he doesn’t want to.

Me and Nick 2005

That night Mike and I have a skype session with Nick Ryan. He talks on the phone with me, then Mike, and we both try to get him to skype. Like I said before, a conversation with a Ryan is an investment. He wants to talk to both of us, so we should skype, but he’s never done it before. Finally, we get him on the computer. As soon as he sees us, he’s excited. “Oh my God, this is the best invention ever and I’m just finding out about it tonight. Is Facebook this fun? I’m signing up tonight.” Obviously, Nick is not on fb, which I love. Have to respect that.

Nick is my best friend who I never thought would be. We clicked my senior year of high school and I don’t know why. I just remember we had gym class together. It was last period, and one day after class we were walking in the hallway, talking to each other, and he asked me to prom. I was so caught off guard, especially because prom was not for a while. He seemed nervous, which was weird because we were already friends. I think I might have asked him if he was serious, thrown an um in there and then said yea, sure, yes. Nick is still my best friend today, and unlike any of my guy friends. He is the Jersey-est of the group. He is prettier than me. He takes longer to get ready than me. …He’s hilarious. He takes everything I say to heart, and has an even bigger heart. He gives the best hugs. He’s a great friend. He never gets mad at me, even when I suck. He’s never mean. He cares about what I think. He would do anything for me.

Nick has asked Mike to be in his wedding, which will be 4th of July weekend 2013. Nick has a party every year on the 4th of July, so it’s only fitting that his wedding will be that weekend. As we’re skyping, he tells me he wanted to put me in a tux and have me as a groomsman. I’m so honored, even though I have to remind him that too many people have already thought I was a lesbian. Seriously, though, Nick, that means a lot, even if you only thought it. “It’s true; ask Janene.” We skype for about an hour, and it’s too much fun. Nick says we should do this once a month (that’s what everyone says). …I’ll get to see him soon enough!

*The Decemberists

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