Weekend Wars

Mike and Katy at Brick & Mortar

Our pur water system and microwave come in the mail along with two chairs the Manfre’s sent us. Things are really starting to come together. The only big thing left that’s on it’s way is a desk.

Have another frustrating night at work. Weird, I know. We need another bartender. It’s me and Dorian, and he leaves for Thailand for the whole month of March and first half of April. That leaves me by myself. Tropez and Magali both tell me that Francis doesn’t want to hire anyone else. I don’t get it. First Friday is coming up so I’m getting stressed out about the whole thing. Tropez is pissing me off. I ask you for things and you never get them for me. “Oh really? I got you this to wash your glasses and you haven’t used it!” I’m going to scream. He got me the thing to wash the glasses on, but no stoppers for the sinks, so I can’t fill the sinks with water, hence, it’s useless. We go back and forth for a while. I complain, he makes a nonsensical counter. He finally starts to agree with me. He smiles, gives me a high five and goes for the pound. I don’t know why you’re giving me a pound, it’s not cool. C’est stupide! He laughs at this. Tropez always gets a big kick out of me when I say anything in French. Momo has become a part of the conversation, and they start telling me to say something different. They write it down for me. Ca me casse les couilles. Instead of saying, it’s stupid, this is closer to, ‘you’re busting my chops’. I thank them and practice my new French. Dammit, how did this turn into a French lesson?

Saturday afternoon Mike and I meet his intern friends at a bar in Santa Monica – Brick & Mortar. I only know Katy, who is awesome. Mike loves her, and she seems obsessed with him. She’s kind of hilarious. I meet Jason, and get in a fight with him. He’s a sexist pig and I tell him so. We go back and forth for a while. He’s trying to right the situation. By the end of it we’re cool with each other, but he really wants to know what I think of him. “You can be honest.” Are you sure? OK. You’re cool…but you’re kind of a douche bag. He accepts this, so he’s alright in my book.

Early in my shift tonight a couple walks in. Holy crap, it’s Caroline’s mom from Vampire Diaries! Sheriff Liz Forbes! Be cool, Lindsay. Don’t say anything. She’s sweet and polite and full of smiles. She’s about to order her drink and I know what’s she’s going to order – a glass of champagne. Weird. How did I know that? Finally I realize, I’ve waited on her before, a few times, and she always orders the same thing. The last time she was in must have been before I started watching the show, so I didn’t recognize her. She and her man only have one drink and leave.

At almost midnight they walk back in, another guy with them. I’m cleaning the bar and shutting it down for the night, but definitely don’t want them to leave. “Are you guys closed?” No, no, you’re fine. They sit down and Corrinne is behind them, mouthing to me that I can’t serve them. The bar is closed. Dammit. Caroline’s mom (Marguerite MacIntyre) senses this. “You’re not open, are you.” I feel terrible. No, I’m sorry and I really don’t want to turn you away because I’m such a big fan of Vampire Diaries. They all laugh. “Aww that’s OK.” You come here a lot, don’t you? “Yea, you’ve waited on me before. I didn’t know what to order and you told me I wanted the champagne.” That’s right! (Thank God I was nice to her.) I tell her how I just started watching the show and didn’t recognize her until now. She promises to come back in another night. So basically, Marguerite and I are friends now, and she’s going to introduce me to Ian Somerhalder, and we’re all going to hang out.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wars

  1. Sweeeet Deal…and by the way…you better be thankful for your work situation…those people sound amazing…and you straight run that bar so…just bring find yourself a guest bartender to bring in on busy nights…

    1. haha dave they told me to do that! im like, yes, because i know so many people in california. … im thankful sometimes, i just know i get screwed out of some money.

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