Tommy and me before Homecoming 1998

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday so I’m excited because Mike and I can actually do something together – it’s the one day of the week we both have off. Not so much. The Friday before, Tropez informs me that I have to be in at 5pm. No I don’t, I don’t work Tuesdays. “Yes, but of course, everyone has to work. It’s Valentine’s Day.” Well when were you planning on letting me know? He looks around like I’m crazy. “I am telling you now.” Thanks for the notice.

Yesterday he text me again, asking if he could bring the stand over today. This is now another week after he said he was going to bring it. No, it’s OK, we ordered something else. Mike and I haven’t actually ordered anything but we don’t feel like waiting for Tropez anymore, and we know we can get something cheaper, anyway.

So now it’s Valentine’s Day. Mike and I don’t exchange much – not that I should have to get him anything. I’m the girl and he’s the guy. Am I wrong? I give him a card. He’s plastered the mac with a Valentine’s message and takes me to the movies in the afternoon since I have to work at night.

Valentine’s Day is really an embarrassing holiday. Growing up, it was always the worst. You go into school, hoping a guy will ask you to be his Valentine. If anyone actually does, it’s guaranteed to be uncomfortable. Even if you have a boyfriend it can be awkward. And if no one asks you, you feel like a worthless loser. That is until you decide Valentine’s Day is really not a big deal and you buy lots and lots of the cute CVS Valentine cards and hand them out every year to everyone- even through college.

Halloween 2007

It probably all started in third grade – Ms. Mack’s class. We all had our own mailbox in the back of the room and for Valentine’s Day, Ms. Mack told us to put our Valentines in the respective mailboxes for each of our classmates. This was perfect. Now I could anonymously give my crush – Tommy White – his Valentine. For snack time that day, Mom packed me those Little Debbie pink heart cupcakes with the white wavy lines of icing on top – they come in packs of two. I ate one, then left the other one in the wrapper to put in Tommy’s mailbox. It’s madness at the end of the school day anyway, with everyone gathering their things, but today it’s even crazier with everyone scrambling to see the possible goodies awaiting them. I’m super nervous as I wait to see Tommy’s reaction, when he yells to the entire class, disgusted, “Who put a half eaten cupcake in here?!” Mortified. I’m sure I try to act like I had no idea, and yes, Tommy, that is so weird and gross that someone would put that in there. In my mind, those Little Debbie cupcakes were so darn tasty and they only sold the heart ones for a short period of time each year! Boy, was I wrong. So began my feelings of nervousness, embarrassment, and dread every February 14.

Obviously, beer pong partners

It’s not too difficult to figure out a movie Mike and I both want to see. “You don’t want to see The Vow, right?” Um, I’d see it. “Really?…Would you rather see The Vow or Safehouse?” The Vow. “Ohh kay, not seeing either of those. … You wouldn’t want to see The Woman in Black, would you?” YES. He’s surprised. Yes, I hate scary movies but there’s a difference between bloody horror and creepy thriller ghost movies – I can do those. Plus, Daniel Radcliffe is starring in his first film since Harry Potter. Obviously, I want to see it. C’mon, Mike.

It’s definitely busy at Lilly’s tonight. Parties of two all around. Cupid has thrown up 0n the place. Hearts and boas and pinkness everywhere – maybe it’s better Mike and I didn’t get to go out tonight. Tropez informs me that he put his TV stand on the curb. Oh, really? “Yes, you didn’t want it so I just put it in the trash.” I see, and you were trying to sell it to me for $75? He laughs at himself. You are just hilarious, Tropez (he really is, but I try not to let him know I think so).

*The Cardigans

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