Food trucks are the best

Hunting for furniture today. First stop for a coffee table we found on Craigslist. Before we leave I get a little nervous. I have a bad feeling that this guy is going to murder us. Mike dismisses this, but you never really know, do you? I mean, every time I emailed this guy, he emailed me back immediately, as if he was sitting at his computer waiting for people to respond to his ad for a “coffee table”. No one would ever suspect someone who was trying to sell a coffee table. Just saying. Mike tells me to bring my mace with me (Mom put it in my Christmas stocking). I forget it. We pull up to a pretty nice complex in Burbank and find the apartment. A very flamboyant little gay guy answers the door with an unzipped jacket an no shirt on underneath. He’s trying to control one of the dogs – a puppy named Potato. His name is Potato. Automatically love him. He’s friendly and jumping all over us. The other dog is Lulu, an older girl with white fur – reminds me of LMonny’s dog, a shitzou. She’s so cute. I forget the kid’s name who shows us in, but it’s not the owner of the coffee table. That’s Mitchum (small world). He comes out of a back room and says hello. They’re both around our age, maybe a little younger. Their place is sick, and they have the most adorable dogs. Craigslist killers, pssh. Mitchum shows us the coffee table: wooden, circular, with a glass top for $50. I love it. This is the first place we’ve been to today so we tell him we’ll call him later to let him know.

Next stop, Ikea. I’ve never been to Ikea and I’m super excited about it. This place is massive, almost like a warehouse. I hate it. It’s overwhelming and Mike and I can’t find anything we want. We feel lost the whole time. Normally, I like to walk around a place for a while and feel it out,  but there’s no patience today. We are both ready to move on and leave empty-handed.

We go to Bank of America so I can finally get a checking account out here. You win, Mike. I’ve fought it for a while, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way around it – I need a local bank. I can get a cool card, too, something I’ve never had before. Oh, decisions…a NY Giants card, or a Philadelphia Phillies card. I want the Giants. Mike argues. “No! Get the Phillies!” Obviously, you want me to get the Phillies. “Football season is almost over. You want a Phillies card.” Yea, but what if the Giants win the Superbowl?!? (Mind you, this is way before the Giants were going to the Superbowl.) “Yea but what if you go to the Superbowl and LOSE? This card will be a constant reminder of your loss.” I laugh. Fine, Mike, I’ll get the Phillies card.

We head to Ashley Furniture to look for a couch bed. We didn’t want a regular bed because in the tiny instance we actually have guests over, we want to be able to have room for them, so a couch bed is the best way to go. At Ashley we can find a nice one and pay it off over a year, which is very appealing – we can’t afford everything at once. I know before we walk into the store that we’ll probably get a brown couch. Mike loves everything brown. And I can get almost any accent color to go with it, so it’s a safe color. An older man, Don, greets us at the door and shows us the area to look in. Literally the third couch we see is the one. We both like it – chocolate brown, firm, with tan stitching. I’m really into it. We continue to look around for a while but keep going back to chocolate. They’re running a deal – buy one item get the second item for half price. We look forever for something we can afford – even at half price – and can’t find anything. We’re struggling, when Don tells us he can just give us 20% off the couch bed. Sold!


Next stop Abbot Kinney for food trucks. I told Mike they’d be here, but realize when we get there that they only line the streets on the first Friday of every month, and it’s not First Friday. I have to pee really bad, so we stop at Lilly’s real quick. I run in and say hi to Magali. When I leave I spot Tropez, but he’s talking to a table, so I head out the front door. He stops me. “What are you doing?” I took off work this weekend, so Friday and Sunday, because we’re going to Palm Springs with Rich and Tara. It’s the first time I’ve taken off, and here I am Friday afternoon coming in to use the bathroom. Immediately feel guilty like he’s questioning why I’m even around. Oh, I just had to use the bathroom. “Well if you come in you have to stay for a drink!” Sigh of relief. Mike’s in the car waiting for me. “Yes, but Mike is Mike.” Yes, Tropez, that is true. I tell him we got a bed and he promises to bring over the TV stand at some point.

Mike looks up food trucks and we find a street nearby where three are set up. We start for the sushi truck but decide on the Island BBQ. Mike gets a chicken sandwich with fries and a Dr. Pepper. I get a Korean beef taco and a spicy shrimp taco. When the guy asks Mike for $12 he smiles. What a deal. God, I love food trucks.

Close by is a salvation army. We go in, having no idea if we’ll find anything here, and snag the coolest little end table. It’s a light wooden color with a small drawer. I open the drawer and see Ethan Allen on the inside of the drawer. Then the price tag: $29.95. Yea, we’ll take this, please.

On our way back to North Hollywood I text Mitchum. We want the coffee table; can we pick it up later? “Yes.” Awesome. We get back to our place and borrow Troy’s car to pick up the coffee table. I’m excited to see Potato and Lulu again. So cute. Mitchum helps carry the table to the car and I hand him 50 bucks. We drive back and I’m happy with our day. A couch, a coffee table, and an end table, and I love all of them.

We enter the apartment, and there’s a package from my Mom. Wine glasses, drinking glasses, pots and pans, and a candle. Score! Mom rocks my world. What a good day. And now it’s time to pack for a Palm Springs weekend with Rich and Tara. Yes, please!

*Snow Patrol

9 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. I can’t believe you got a Phillies card instead of a Giants card. Can you honestly say you are as equally a fan of the Phillies that you are of the Giants, or did you just do that because of Mike?

  2. so happy you got all the furniture you needed! If you need an extra computer chair, we have one for you! lol (the one mike left at our house the day after your party) Hope you had fun on your weekend getaway with Rich and Tara

  3. who leaves IKEA with NOTHING? cool lamps- no? sweet salt & pepper shakers- no? and no cool furniture that you have to assemble yourselves with swedish directions? well, you guys may be smarter than i thought!

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