Say Goodbye to Hollywood

Master Shifou's TV stand

Double feature today. First up in the afternoon, a date with myself to see Hugo. I have to see it. Martin Scorsese won for Best Director at the Golden Globes and it’s nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. I don’t get what all the hype is about, but I’m determined to see all the Best Picture nominations before the Oscars. It is….disappointing. It’s long and it feels long. The story drags, and the story isn’t that good. It looks cool, I guess, which is important for the Oscars – they care all about the cinematography and artistry in a film – I care mostly about the story and the acting. Now I’m pissed – this was nominated, and Dragon Tattoo wasn’t.

Later, Tropez texts me with a picture of what he can sell me. I thought it was going to be bigger, but I could definitely use it as a TV stand. With the picture he sends a text. “From master shifou.” Nice…how much. “150. What do you think?” For that little thing? No way. I could get something much cheaper on craigslist. Out of my price range at this time…maybe down the road if you haven’t sold it yet. “How much can you pay?” I text Mike the picture and asks him what he thinks, then text Tropez back. 75. “OK, 100 for you, ‘wink face’. Hahahaha I can’t…it’s not in my budget right now…there’s more important things I have to buy…thanks anyway master shifou. “You are tuff! OK for 75 ‘happy face’. Wow, I just haggled without even realizing it. I really wasn’t even trying to get it.

I pick up Mike from his internship and we head to my second movie of the day – a free screener he got – This Means War, at a snazzy movie theater called The Landmark – immediately think of the bar near Rowan University. I love a good chick flick, and I actually really want to see this. It stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy – who Mike has a man crush on. I don’t really care too much about the guys, and Reese can go either way – I hate her a little for dating Jake Gyllenhaal, the love of my life. The line is forever long, and I’m sure we won’t get in. We do. The thing about seeing a free movie is that you somehow end up paying for it. Partly for waiting forever in line, and mostly for the other people watching the movie. Many times people talk through the whole thing, or in this case, I have to cover my face with a sweatshirt because of the horrible BO going on around me. Disgusting. Barring this, I love the movie. It’s funny and charming and by the end I love both Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. As we’re walking to the car, Mike asks me about it. “What did you think?” I LOVED it. “Really? I thought it was awful.” What??? Are you serious? It was so funny. With Oscar season going on I’ve been watching all these serious movies, and every once in a while, I love a good chick flick. I already can’t wait to see it again.

Since I’m moving out of North Hollywood soon, Mike U. and I make plans to meet up at The Federal for some drinks. Seems appropriate – first and last bar I’ll go to in the Valley. Mike’s mad I’m leaving North Hollywood but says it will give him a reason to come to Venice more. We talk about a bunch of stuff: he has a major crush on Rooney Mara from Dragon Tattoo. One of his friends actually knows her and told Mike they would make a cute couple. I pat him on the shoulder. Keep dreaming, Mike. We talk about the Oscars. The nominations just came out and we’re all pretty pissed about them. At least Mara got a nomination. Mike asks me about my reel; something I don’t have. I just don’t feel like I’ve done enough to put together a reel, but I know I need one. He promises I’ll have at least two projects to add to my reel by the end of the year. One is for a short film he’s working on – needs four girls for very bit parts. Well I don’t need you to give me the part, just get me the audition. “No, I already told him, you’re my friend and you’re going to be in it.” But Mike, you’ve never even seen me act; what if I suck? “Then I’ll direct you.” He throws this comment away like it’s a non-issue. Even for a small unpaid project, it’s all about who you know. He walked to the bar so I drop him off and stop in to watch a short film he directed a while ago. It’s cool to see something he’s done and makes me motivated to write something. I don’t know what – I have a bunch of topics I’m interested in, but no story. I would love to write something about field hockey since it really hasn’t been done before (except for one bollywood film). For now, blogging it is.

*Billy Joel

2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Hollywood

  1. I can’t wait to see This Means War… I’m so glad you said it was good. I love Reese. I’m going to tell Greg that Mike liked it too to try to convince him to go with me :). I hope Greg doesn’t read your blog, or I’m busted!

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