Mike and other PA’s on the set of The Jersey Shore in 2010

It’s a slow Tuesday night when a couple sits down at the bar. He orders a margarita with salt and watches as I use fresh lime and oranges to make the delicious concoction. “This is the best margarita I think I ever had.” Well, thank you. We don’t have sour mix so I just use a little OJ. “I hate sour mix, so that’s a good thing.” She wants me to do exactly the same thing with the limes and oranges but just on the rocks with tequila. They have dinner and I mind my own business and don’t really strike up a conversation with them until they’re done eating.

They live close by and used to come a lot but haven’t in a while. I tell them I’ve only been working here a month and they tell me how lucky I am to be working on Abbot Kinney (so I’ve been told). New Jersey of course comes up. She is shocked that I’m from Jersey. “You’re definitely the coolest New Jersey-ian I’ve met.” Man, what is up with the bad stereotype. Jersey Shore, duh. I roll my eyes. My boyfriend actually worked on the show and said how horrible they were. “Really? We worked on the show, too.” No way. I forget what season he did but it was when they were in Seaside Heights. “Yea we only work on stuff out here. What company did he work for?” 495 Productions. “So is he working for them out here?” No. Mike – that’s my boyfriend – he told them he was moving out here and to let him know if they needed him for any upcoming projects but he hasn’t heard from them. “Well I actually might be able to help you. If you said any other company I wouldn’t, but I actually know one of the main producers for 495.” This is working out nicely. What do you do, anyway? They are both producers for reality television. He starts emailing someone in his phone. “495 has a lot of projects going on so he should definitely be working out here. I’m telling this guy to email him. If he does, tell Mike to say his girlfriend is good friends with me.” And you are? “Andrew Greenberger. I write it down. Good thing, too, because I don’t write her name down and of course, can’t remember it now.

They ask what days I work and promise to come back on one of my shifts. Awesome. Making those connections, baby.

*Jimmy Buffett

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