Black or White

12 hackysacks

First things first: try out the new Katie Keurig. She’s amazing. I really need to run today. Time to start working off the extra pounds I’ve surely gained in the past few days. But lunch first, and with lunch, an episode of Breaking Bad. Just one. Wrong. Turns into three episodes and now not only have I not run or written, I have to take a really quick shower before work.

It’s a slow night. Corrinne has been working a lot because Magali got hit by a car and Tropez and Guillome are in France. She asks if I can work the lunch shift for her tomorrow. Mike doesn’t have his internship this week so there’s no conflict with the car. I really can’t say no. Get home and FINALLY write. I can’t even remember what I did five days ago. I’m so behind.

The lunch shift Wednesday is super busy. Towards the end, Francis asks if I can work the dinner shift tomorrow, too – for Corinne again. Ugh. Yes, I can. Money, money, money. Need that money. Don’t finish until after 4pm and sit in ridiculous traffic on the way home. There’s a package for me. I know this is from Stephen – his ridiculous hackysacks. Attached is the following note.

When I was little, all I wanted for Christmas was a CD. It didn’t matter what the CD was, I just wanted one. I must have thought they were cool or something. On Christmas Eve us kids exchanged our gifts, and Stephen told me to open his last. Obviously, I thought he got me something really good. Should have known by now that he was a jerk at all times. Excitedly tear into his gift and stare wide-eyed at the CD in my hand: a round, pink, glittery thing that most definitely must be a CD. Look over at Stephen and he’s got a smile ear-to-ear. Open it up and inside….is make-up. Ew! Make-up?! What is this? I did NOT care about make-up and I hated my brother. He loved seeing my ridiculous reaction. I actually wrote a paper soon after that for a class and explained how I was so embarrassed and at the same time wanted to punch my brother.

Mike and I play with a hackysack in the kitchen. We both suck (Mike thinks he’s good, but he can only use his right foot). We try to get to three back-and-forth and it takes about 20 minutes. Mike is huffing and puffing. We head to Ralph’s for groceries – we both have gift cards and are excited to use them. We split up. I give Mike a small list. Mostly buy only things on sale. When Mike joins back up with me he marvels at all the things we can’t/shouldn’t buy.

At home I make us spaghetti with clam sauce and garlic bread. Yum. Actually I think I’m starting to like just plain pasta with butter and cheese more than anything.. Simple and delicious and not good for you at all. We watch the the Season II Breaking Bad finale. Oh cliffhanger, I hate you!

Thursday morning Mike and I see The Artist, a black-and-white silent film set in 1920’s Hollywood about the film industry. It’s pretty awesome and everyone should see it. It’s going to get nominated for mad awards this season, Best Picture included, definitely. The lead actor, Jean Dujardin, is amazing. I loved him AND he’s on my fantasy film team. Yeaaa buddy!

Get back and head out for a run before another night at Lilly’s. Working Tuesday through Saturday this week, so really looking forward to Sunday and Monday off.

After work I head to the Victorian House on Main Street. Elmer is DJ’ing there for a friend’s birthday party, Nico, a guy I met yesterday. They told me to swing by. Terry is here, too. The bouncer takes forever looking at my ID. “Jersey!? You’re not going to be starting any trouble tonight are you?” Sheesh. We really do get a bad rap. I don’t really know anyone, but I thoroughly enjoy people watching and take in the crowd. One guy walks in wearing a flannel shirt and meshy pants. Another guy has on a full purple suit with a bow-tie. People really wear whatever they want here.

*Michael Jackson

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