Christmas is Coming

Mike and Santa and food trucks down the street

Decide to try out my new jump rope today. Figure I’ll do 30 minutes. I make it to ten and I’m dying. Jumping rope is rough! I haven’t done it in a while. Go for a 3 mile run in the neighborhood. It’s beautiful today and I enjoy passing all the houses with Christmas decorations. It’s weird and awesome to be running outside in shorts and a T-shirt two days before Christmas.

Shower by 12 and watch a Christmas movie…some old one with the Fonz and Katherine Hepburn. Never heard of it; not that great. A Christmas movie all the same. Eat Ramen, a grilled cheese, and chocolate chip cookies. Let the holiday weight gain begin.

Still really tired for some reason so I fall asleep on the couch for a bit, asking Mike to wake me up in time for work. Slowly get ready and leave by 4pm – not in until 6 tonight but i don’t know what traffic is going to be like so I leave early. Takes me no time at all to get to Venice, so I lean my seat back and rest my eyes until I have to go in. Head in 15 minutes early at 5:45. Francis is standing there. “Oh, I was just calling you, where have you been?” Oh no, not again. I’m in at 6 tonight! I’m serving. “Well who’s bartending?” I don’t know…Esme? We go upstairs and look at the schedule together. I have a bad feeling. Yup. Shit. I’m in at 6 TOMORROW. 5 tonight. OMG and I just told Francis when I was late the other day it would never happen again. He is going to fire me. He grabs my shoulders. “It’s OK, honey, don’t worry about it. I was just freaking out. Magali got in an accident so she couldn’t come in. She got hit by a car last night and I needed to find someone else. Then you weren’t here…but you’re here now. It’s fine.” What?! Is she OK? “Yes, yes. She was riding her bike and a car hit her.” OMG. That’s awful. Now I’m anxious because I was late and there’s a new girl here covering for Magali. Turns out she’s not new; used to work here and Francis called her because he was in a bind. I can’t remember her name because I couldn’t pronounce it when I asked her to repeat it to me. Very French. She’s a sweetheart. She orders a martini and a jack on the rocks and is impressed how fast I make them. I have to laugh.

I frantically set up, and keep saying to everyone that this is the calm before the storm. It’s the Friday before Christmas; I figure a lot of people will be out tonight. Not so much. We’re fairly slow, but I have to stay and close. I’m famished by the end of my shift. Walk into the kitchen and look for a bowl to have some soup since I’m sure it’s OK to do that. The boys in the kitchen ask if I want a taco. “Um, yes!” They laugh and hand me a plate. I continue to the back of the kitchen where a huge bowl of some kind of pork in a sauce with peppers and onions sit. Next to it is a smaller bowl with homemade guacamole, and next to that is a pile of steaming small tortillas. Oh hell yea, this is what I’m talking about. They’re amused by my excitement. I pile a small tortilla with the goods. The guac is fresh and spicy. The taco is delicious. Thank you! Gracias! Muchos gracias! I suck at Spanish. And French. They all must make fun of me. They tell me to help myself to more but I decide against it and go to finish cleaning up the bar.

Mike and I were supposed to watch It’s a Wonderful Life when I got home, but I’m here later than I thought. It’s too late. He says we can watch it in the morning. Boo, but OK, it is a long movie and I want to be able to stay up for it. I get home and the boys are watching Gremlins. This is NOT a Christmas movie. They argue that it is. Whatever. Before that they watched Die Hard. And before that Sonny and Mike were out for a bit and passed a parking lot full of food trucks, weirdly sponsored by the Church of Scientology. They stopped in. Sonny had some tacos – he loves them. Santa was there, too. He touched Mike’s head and was a bit creepy. I was still jealous he got to see Santa.

*Vince Guaraldi Trio

One thought on “Christmas is Coming

  1. OMG I can’t jump rope for more than like two minutes at a time! I usually just do it between sets when I’m lifting or something.

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