That Green Gentleman

My best friend, Lauren

Ready to send my Christmas cards today. I have the cards ready – I finish writing in all of them and the postage is ready. Still no sign of my photo cards in the mail. Most of the photo cards I receive are long and narrow, so I figure mine will be, too, which means they won’t fit in the envelopes I’m sending for the cards. So, I bought separate envelopes and write all the addresses and return addresses on each of them. Only thing missing is the stamps just in case the photos don’t fit. All I need is for the photos to come in the mail today and I’m ready to go. Of course I’m impatient. Decide to at least put the cards in the mailbox for the mailman to take with him. At this point, I’m afraid people won’t get them before Christmas.

I’m DEFINITELY going to run today before work. Head upstairs to change – where my phone is charging – and see I have a voicemail. It’s Francis. “Hello, Lindsay, it’s 11 and it says you are on the schedule but you are not here. Please call me back, no one is here and I’m by myself.” Oh my god. My heart drops. I totally forgot I was supposed to work a double today. Immediately call Francis back and apologize. He sounds busy. “Yes, Corinne didn’t answer, Magali didn’t answer, so I’m doing it all by myself.” I’m so sorry, do you still want me to come in? I can be there in an hour. “No.” OK. Bye. Shit. I go downstairs and tell Mike what happened. “It’s OK, it happens.” It’s 12:15. If I go I’ll have to shower first, which means I won’t get there until 1:30 and the kitchen closes for lunch at 2:30, so it’s not worth it to go in….although if we’re busy, I could at least clean up after everything and get it all ready for the night shift. Do you think I should go in? “Yes.”

OK. I shower real quick but don’t wash my hair. Gross, but I don’t have time. Get there by 1:3o. I would have been here earlier but parking is difficult. It’s a gorgeous day and everyone is out – guess a lot of people have off this week for the holiday. I hurry in and see that we’re slammed. Throw on my apron and hurry over to Francis. No hellos, just get it done. “Can you take these drinks to 209 and these drink to 113.” Yes, you got it. I have no idea where those tables are. I’ve just figured out the lounge area. The patio is so confusing and the table numbers don’t make sense, and outside in the garden? This is the first time I’ve worked that it’s even been open. Awesome. Head outside with the drinks and see that Magali is here. At least Francis was able to get a hold of her. Elmer is behind the bar. He just happened to be in this morning to meet with Francis when no one showed up. Francis panicked. Elmer smiled. “Let’s do this.” He loves a busy bar. I don’t think. I do. Whatever anyone tells me to do. Customers seem happy. That’s all that matters. By 2:30 Francis is spent. I apologize a few more times. He’s not mad. He eats, then he and Magali leave. I’m left to clean everything up and get ready for the night shift. A shipment of wine came in, so I have to deal with that, anyway. I leave quickly because I have to move my car, and stop at Abbot’s Habit down the street for a wrap and a fruit cup. Get back to the bar to do the paperwork from the lunch shift, clean, move wine, and get ready for the night shift. Mike texts me. “Snapfish pics just came. They aren’t gonna fit in the envelopes you filled out already.” Ughhhh of course not!

It’s almost 5 and I still haven’t eaten. I sit down for less than 10 minutes and eat half the wrap. Francis walks in asking me what wine needs to go upstairs and what doesn’t. I’m taking a break. I tell him that. He looks at me like I need to do it now. I look at him like I need a break and I know that this is the only break I’m going to get for the rest of the night. Shove half the wrap down my throat and get to work.

We open at 5:30, but of course tonight, people come in at 5:15pm. Where’s my green pen? I brought a green pen and a red pen with me this afternoon. I need them to write out all the Christmas cards…again…for the third time, tonight when I get home. Magali must have taken it with her. I’m livid about this. Like, I’m so mad that someone took my green pen. How ridiculous is that? I keep thinking how I won’t be able to write in green pen on the cards tonight and that’s horrible. I NEED my green pen. Try to be realistic. It’s a pen. Get a hold of yourself. This is when I think of my best friend, Lauren aka LMonny. She always is saying to let things go. If things happen, they happen. “There’s nothing you can do about it, so don’t worry about it.” I try to take this mind set. In past years, it seems like she has become more and more mellow and what’s the word…content? happy? I don’t know. I question it. I wish I was more like her, but sometimes I think I would be happy if she just flipped out and said every single thing that bothered her.

There are a couple big parties tonight. Holiday dinners and all that. It’s me and Corinne. We’re busy all night. We are making a lot of money. She comes behind the bar, laughing. What? “We’re going to make more money tonight then we make all week!” That’s what I like to hear! After gratuity people are tipping more. Corinne asks me to count all the credit cards tips just to see. I should make at least 400 today. Easy.

Get home late and I’m so beat. Mike and Troy are up; a surprise since Mike has to be up early for his internship in the morning. I know why he’s up. They saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and it must have been so awesome that they’re still up talking about it. Yup. Mike has a glass of whiskey on the rocks. I run upstairs to put on pj’s, and, what’s this? No. It’s….warm upstairs. Toasty, even. The heater was fixed! I change slowly and comfortably. It’s amazing. Mike and Troy head to bed. I stay up to rewrite all my Christmas cards. I remember that this isn’t a chore. I love writing out everything. And the Christmas photos turned out great. They look pretty close in size to the actual cards I sent out earlier today. I curse myself for this – should have known what size they would be. Oh well. It’s over, it’s done with, and I have to send extra mail to everyone. No big deal. (See Laur? I can let things go).

*Panic at the Disco

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