Do It Again


Wake up with a text from Mandy. “This is awkward but we didn’t send an ornament haha.” Ha. That’s awesome. It WAS from Mr. and Mrs. Manfre. Mr. Manfre goes by Jay, so I always forget his real name is John.

I stay in bed for a while. Feeling better but still really tired. Come downstairs and make a cup of tea. Mike and I watch an episode of Breaking Bad. We’re in Season II now. It ends, and we both fall asleep on the uncomfortable couch. We’re woken up by Troy walking in from a trip to the grocery store. He’s really excited about the deals he got – $5 for 4 loaves of bread. Well, we have plenty of bread now. I finally get up to eat something. Mike reheats the rest of the pizza from last night and I make a veggie burger on grilled bread with cheese. We watch another episode of Breaking Bad. Intense. Knock on the door. Package! Rip it open. Christmas pajamas from Mom. She gets them for us every year on Christmas Eve. Might seem a little silly, us all getting Christmas pj’s still, but I love it! I don’t hesitate to open them. When I text Mom later she tells me I was supposed to wait until Christmas Eve. Woops. I also get our Christmas card in the mail. It’s great. We took these pictures the night before I left for California. Mom made a big, early Thanksgiving dinner and insisted we take family pictures. The ones outside were funnier than the one she used. There’s one of the four of us holding Stephen – and he weighs A LOT. The one inside was hysterical, as seen by Courtney’s face. Mom told us to cheers, and by doing so I couldn’t help but put my glass right in front of Stephen’s face. He hates taking pictures anyway, so he did the same with his own glass. Good times.

I lay down in bed. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I could sleep all day. Finally get up to shower and go to work. Get stuck in traffic and it takes an hour and 15 minutes before I arrive. Not a crazy night, but we have a slight dinner rush. Tropez cracks me up as usual, coming behind the bar, singing made up words to a Steely Dan song. I laugh. Those aren’t the words. “Of course! This is my favorite song!” I just shake my head. He speaks to me in French. Pardon et moi? I have no idea what you’re saying. “What’s going on?” All that to say three words? This is going to take a while for me to pick this stuff up.

At 11:30 Tropez sends me home. I head upstairs to clock out and he is sitting in the office. Hear a loud burp. I poke my head in the office. Oh, God bless you. He laughs. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know anyone was there!” Haha. He is too much. Make it home a little after 12. Everyone is hanging out drinking. Jen is here, too. I notice an almost-empty bottle of Wild Turkey 101 on the counter. I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and take some alka-seltzer night-time medicine. Not really up for drinking tonight. There’s a Christmas party going on next door and we were invited. I hear there are cookies over there. Sonny goes over and steals me a couple. Score! Mike and I head up to bed to watch an episode of Breaking Bad. When it ends I immediately pass out.

*Steely Dan

2 thoughts on “Do It Again

  1. you Stetson’s all have great smiles, love your Christmas card! Your Mom is the most thoughtful person!!! oh and love the ornament! and you!

  2. christmas card is amazing. love frenchys burp. and i see a lot of grilled cheese, french toast, club sandwiches, and bird feeding in your future (in reference to the surplus of bread).

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