Sleeping with the Television On

Mike wakes up early and leaves around 7:30am for his internship. So happy I don’t have work today. I want to lay all day. But I can’t fall back asleep, so I head downstairs with my pillow and enormous pale blue blanket. Make a cup of tea, take some meds, and look on Netflix for a Christmas movie to watch. Yessss Robert Zemeckis’ A Christmas Carol. Settle in and watch from start to finish, eyes closing now and then a little longer than they should. Next up, Miracle on 34th Street: the original. Troy joins me shortly into the movie – he’s never seen it. I love watching a great movie with someone who has never seen it. And all Christmas movies are great, even the cheesy ones. I cry a little at the end.

Finally work myself up to write. It’s exhausting. I could very easily go back to bed, but I planned to dedicate today to Christmas “things” so I make a list of what I need to do: post office for envelopes and stamps (Christmas cards), ING ATM to take out money (rent), Marshalls (last Christmas presents I need to buy), Target (tree decorations, baking needs, and some supplies for bartending – pens, post-its, and a little notebook).

Troy lets me borrow his car, as he has been doing a lot since Mike and I started working. It’s a lifesaver. I thank him for it. Pizza Thursday tonight? My treat for you letting us borrow your car so much. He’s doesn’t argue. I’m out for about three hours. Stop on the way home for some theraflu: cold and cough. Theraflu is the best, but I can ONLY take the cold and cough. It’s the only one without acetaminophen, which I can’t take because I have an allergic reaction to it. Didn’t always.

It happened in college, junior year. My sleeping problem was in full effect, and when I was sick I’d  take Nyquil and it would knock me out. It was great. Changed over to Tylenol pm so I didn’t have to swallow that green nastiness. Then I started taking it even when I wasn’t sick. One night I took it and got this weird tickle in the back of my throat. It would only go away if I was eating or drinking or swallowing, so not good for trying to fall asleep. I don’t know how long it took before I realized it was because of the Tylenol. Probably a while because 1. I loved the stuff and 2. I’m an idiot. On long bus rides home after field hockey games, we would want to be knocked out because the bus was so uncomfortable and it would be hard to fall asleep. We’d get on the bus (or maybe just me, but I don’t think so), and complain of aches and pains and headaches and whatever we needed to say for the trainer to give us Benadryl. Take it, pass out, and have to be woken up when we arrived on campus. Perfect. Until the tickle. Nooo. I thought it was just Tylenol pm. No more Tylenol products for me. Weird how it just happened. CVS doesn’t have the theraflu I need. Dammit. They have like 30 different kinds but not cold and cough. I settle for alka-seltzer plus night formula.

Finally get home, spent. Call Sarah because tomorrow is the twins’ birthday and I need to ask her about their presents from us. I’m laying in bed when I call. “What’s wrong.” I’m just laying down. I don’t feel well. “Yea, me neither but I just dragged myself to the gym because I’m fat.” I laugh. Shut up. “No, I am. I’m disgusting.” She proceeds to tell me about her job, which is always horribly entertaining. I don’t know why she did it, but Sarah has taken on the role of Athletic Director at her school, on top of being in charge of about three other groups or clubs or events that she does. She has no time for anything – like going to the gym – and I’m sure she’s not getting paid what she should be getting paid for all she does. I’m not jealous of her situation. She’s crazy. I could never do what Sarah does. My blood boils when she tells me stories and I want to yell at someone right then. She, on the other hand, handles things calmly. I would have been fired by now. Or quit.

Doorbell rings. A small box for Michael Manfre. Oh yes, I’ll sign for that. Getting packages never gets old, even if it’s not for me. Wait, actually, it says Mike and Lindsay Manfre. Obviously from a family member. I’m guessing his parents. Mike is stuck in traffic (nothing new), and tells me to open it. OK, if you insist. It’s an ornament! Of the four of us. I love it. There’s no message, but it says it was ordered by John Manfre. Text Mike with a picture of it and tell him John and Mandy got it for us. I text Mandy a little later thanking her and telling her we love it. It’ll be the first ornament on our tree! She doesn’t get back to me…probably in bed by now.

Call up Pizza Man (Molfetta’s II) and order two large plain pies (They don’t say plain here, though, it’s cheese). It’s $5 a pie, so how can I not order from here. Oh, there’s a catch – pick-up only. Damn. Ask Troy to pick it up and give him some cash. It comes to $11 for two pies and again, it’s decent. I love Pizza Man. Mike gets home and eats real quick before he and Troy are out the door to see Mission Impossible IV.

And now I wrap. I love wrapping presents. One of my greatest skills. Seriously. All you need is wrapping paper, scotch tape, and a butter knife. In college I had to do a ‘how-to’ presentation so I did ‘how to wrap the perfect present’. Put on Netflix again. My Christmas movie selection is dwindling. Find a cheesy one: Borrowed Hearts, with Eric McCormack. I’ve seen it before. Actually, it’s really good. Like I said, cheesy Christmas movies are great.

*Billy Joel

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