When I Am Through With You

A Russian guy comes to fix the heat. He can’t. Someone will come next week. Of course. He then fixes the dishwasher. I used the dishwasher when we first moved in. It ran, but didn’t clean anything, so we’ve just been hand washing the dishes ever since. I don’t really care because I’m used to hand washing dishes – haven’t had a dishwasher in three years. Some pipe was blocked or something and Russian guy fixes it. Now he’s running the dishwasher and it smells so bad, like so disgusting I can’t breathe. Troy opens the window, I open the door and light a candle. It continues to run over and over until the water is clean. Russian guy leaves.

Exterminator calls. He’ll be here Monday morning and we’ll have to leave for about four hours. We have to take everything out of all the cabinets and put them on tables. I can’t wait for him to come.

I sit down to eat some soup and crackers before I start my day, so decide to watch an episode of Damages. I’m on Season 2, episode 4. It’s so good, I’m addicted. As most good shows are, it ends on a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to watch the next episode. So I do. This turns into me watching another SIX episodes. I don’t move from the couch. I don’t change out of my pajamas. I obviously don’t shower. This is embarrassing.

Troy went out looking for a bouncer job earlier, and he’s been upstairs writing all day. He comes down in the middle of episode 10. He watches the rest of it with me even though he’s never seen it. I try to explain some things as it goes along. When it ends, I tell him he can turn on whatever he wants. “Well I’m kind of into it now.” Do you want to watch another one? “YES.” Yes! I’m excited now. No shower for me. We watch the rest of Season 2, so three more episodes. The sun goes down. I’ve been laying on this couch all day.

What a pathetic waste of life I am. I’m embarrassed but at the same time I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I’m not even really mad that I didn’t run. Damages is THAT good.

I finally shower and clean the kitchen – I have to do something semi-productive today. Besides, no one else here will do it. I still have to clean the floor. I will Saturday. Troy said it doesn’t matter if we clean the floor because it’s “dark”. I don’t understand. “You can’t see if it’s dirty or clean so it doesn’t matter.” Yes. He actually said that. And I’m pretty sure he meant it.

I live with three boys. Prior to this I lived with one girl and three boys in Hoboken. Before that, I lived in NY in what was the worst living experience of my life. I’m 27 years old and I still feel like I’m living the college lifestyle. Last year Sarah had me for our Christmas pollyanna. I asked for wine glasses. She got me a set of four. “Mom told me not to get you really nice ones because you live with so many people.” Good point. The first night I brought them out, somebody broke one. By the time I left Hoboken they were all gone.

I can’t wait to have my own place with all my own things and I can decorate and call it my own. And I don’t have to make a cleaning schedule.



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