Sometimes a Fantasy


I get two emails from my audition Saturday. At the top they read, “Hello Mindsay” (that’s a first). The first email allows access to view my audition video. Ew. I don’t want to watch. Mike really does. Fine. You have to pay to subscribe and see it. No thank you. The second one is free feedback from the casting director – as long as you post their link on Facebook. This I can do. “Play to the lens and not to the reader.” Crap. I knew that. I didn’t exactly play to the reader. I was more looking at a point on the wall. That’s what you do when you’re performing a monologue, though – not when doing a scene. God, that was dumb. “Nice reading. If you are available next Saturday December 10 at 10am come to cazt. We would like to read you for a different character.” Sweet! Again, it’s unpaid but right now that’s OK. The more I audition, the better prepared I’ll be when it really counts. Practice makes perfect!

Head out for a run on my regular route. I smell pot. There are a couple guys walking in front of me. I pass them. Oh, yup, he’s just walking around, joint in hand. That’s totally normal.

After a quick shower I head downstairs for our 4th annual Fantasy Film Draft. It’s me, Mike, Troy, John, Mandy, and Scott. We’ve had to skype in past years when I lived in New York, so we’re used to it. Fantasy Film basically surrounds all the awards shows that start on December 13 when the Critic’s Choice announce their nominations, and end with the big show – the Academy Awards – in February. Just like in other Fantasy leagues, each person goes head-to-head with someone else for the four major awards shows: Critic’s Choice, SAG, Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards.

Our teams will each consist of three directors, five actors, and five actresses. Nominations for anyone on your team results in points; winners obviously earn more points. The points also increase with the bigger awards shows. Last year Mike and Mandy tied for first place. I’ve never won. Mike says it’s because I pick with my heart and not my head. This is true. He always picks who he thinks will win. I pick who I want to win.

This is the last year that Harry Potter will be considered for an award. How sad. I make sure to pick up Gary Oldman on my team (He won’t be nominated for Harry, but hopefully for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy). I then name my team, “Get Away from my Godson”. I could have picked up David Yates as one of my directors, but c’mon, I do want to win. Mandy and I yell at each other a few times, as per usual, and we hang up, all thinking we’re going to win.

Work tonight at Lilly’s. I’m bartending, Corrinne is serving, and Miguel is bussing. Corrinne gives me the double cheek kiss when she sees me. I thought this was a stereotype or something. Nope, it’s totally the French thing to do. She did it Friday and I wasn’t ready for it. I’ve done the one cheek kiss plenty of times, so that didn’t throw me off guard. I pulled away after one and realized she was leaning in to the other side. Oh right, another kiss. Of course. Tonight is much better than Friday. I’m still busy, which is good, but it’s not crazy. Corrinne shows me how to close at the end of the night. She closed Friday so I ask her about the money. Is there money for me from Friday night? “No, we get paid every two weeks.” What??!!! I’m in the Twilight Zone. OK, well do you know what we made? “No. Tropez keeps track of it but no one ever asks to look at the breakdown of the money.” This is blowing my mind. OK, you don’t know what we made Friday, but typically, like ballpark figure, what do you expect we would make on a First Friday? “Honestly, I’ve been working here for over a year and I never know what we make.” Geez. This is unreal. I’ll have to just wait it out and see what I make in two weeks. Keep track of my hours and see if it’s all worth it. Two weeks is a long time considering I haven’t brought in money since Halloween. This sucks.

I head home and watch two episodes of Damages before bed. Glenn Close is the man.

*Billy Joel

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