What’s This?


Happy December! Tis’ the Season! Just me and Troy today – Sonny has been down in Hungtington since Tuesday and Mike has his internship. I start up some coffee for us. “Man it’s cold.” I know, but I looked at the forecast and it’s supposed to be 45 in Hoboken today. “What’s it supposed to be here?” Like 65. We laugh. We’re spoiled with this weather. To be fair, our place IS freezing. It’s always colder inside than it is outside.

I borrow Troy’s rental car to run some errands – his car is in the shop because right before we moved out here he got hit by a deer. I have a fear of that, especially when I’m driving down a busy road with a lot of woods on either side. I get really stiff and keep one hand on the wheel and one on the horn – deer run away from noise. I don’t know if they do or not but that’s what I heard so if a deer ever crosses my path I’ll just honk at it.

Troy’s rental is a Dodge Charger. It’s big and fancy and I’m afraid I’m going to crash it so I drive about 15 mph. Barely touch the brake – car stops; barely touch the gas – it’s moving. Not used to this pick-up. I guess that’s how a car is supposed to work. I should take my car to the shop…it’s been making a funny noise. I will, as soon as I start making some money. Plus, it’s the beginning of the month, when all my bills are due. Great.

I have to go to Staples to copy my license for Lilly’s. Same girl who helped me print resumes is here again. I look at the sign with all the “copy center” people and see that her name is Stevi. I can’t get over how cute she is. She’s like a little elf (not really but it’s Christmas and this is where my mind goes). I passed a dollar tree yesterday so check it out today. I LOVE dollar trees. Of course, I pick up some Christmas things…a couple Christmas plates (for cookies), Christmas boxes (for presents). They’re one dollar each. That’s insane! I want to make homemade cookies because that’s what you do at Christmas. At home, all the ingredients are at my disposal. Here I have to buy everything. All I have is sugar left over from the pineapple pudding.

Next stop, TJ Max. The boys and I decided to do a pollyanna between the four of us. $30. It’s a secret who each of us has so I can’t say at this time. Very exciting.

Back at our place I get ready for a second interview at Joe’s. Troy is calling my name from downstairs. Yea? “You got a packageeee.” Yay! Mom told me a few days ago to keep an eye out for a package in the mail. Storm down the steps. It’s so big! I should go upstairs and get the scissors but I’m too excited so I grab a knife from the kitchen. After I get through the bubble wrap I see this note:

“Hi! A little something to get you into the spirit of things 🙂 Keep a look out for a package a week. Talk to you soon! Love, Mom. Don’t open the Christmas presents before Christmas – Mike!”

Inside is the most adorable snowman that lights up. I love him. Have to find a good spot for him. Then there’s a little Christmas tree – that also lights up, some Christmas lights, and mistletoe. I love this. Beneath the decorations are two wrapped presents – one for Mike and one for me. I put them under our non-existent tree. I really want a tree but I can’t force Christmas on people. It’s stresses me out. If the guys want a tree they can get one. Beneath everything is another wrapped present, but not in Christmas wrapping paper. This is a birthday present from Christine! (Yes, my birthday is in August…she’s a little behind). I rip it open. The cutest bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret and an even cuter little spaghetti strap dress. Love and love. Immediately try them on. Shouldn’t have tried on the bathing suit. Now I’m depressed.

I hurry and get ready for my interview – don’t want to be late. Get there a half hour early so I park across the street and call Mom to thank her for everything. It’s 4:30. Dad is going to bed. It’s only 7:30! “Yea, it’s a late one for him.” At 5 on the dot I walk into Joe’s. Try to be discreet, because Lilly’s is literally two doors down. I feel like I’m cheating on them. Austin greets me at the door. “Are you here for a working interview?” Umm. I’m in a dress and heels. Shit. I thought I was here for a follow-up interview. “Oh right, OK, yea, I wanted to talk to you about a few more things before we do working interviews next week.” Whew! I sit down with Austin. He asks me how training has been going at Lilly’s and how I like it and everything. I tell him the truth. I really like it, everyone is super nice, it’s not stressful. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of structure though, and I like structure. “Me too.” Joe’s seems like kind of the opposite of Lilly’s. The training is extensive. They don’t start people until they’re ready, which makes sense. Austin says all the right things. “Well keep working at Lilly’s and see how you like it. Get back to me in a couple weeks. If you don’t like it, or if they’re not giving you enough shifts, then we’ll talk. You’re at the top of my list right now. Let’s keep this relationship going. Stop in sometime for a glass of wine. I haven’t been to Lilly’s yet, so maybe I’ll come in one night.” Awesome. Great. Thanks for seeing me for a second interview. I’m in and out of there in 15 minutes. Now I sit in traffic for an hour and a half.

End the night with Love Actually – laughing and crying equally throughout. I feel tired so I lay down for bed. Can’t sleep. No more sleeping pills, though, not since June. Read Dragon Tattoo until I finally drift off.

*Fall Out Boy

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