Back in the day...I still hand write everything in pencil

I wasn’t expecting this blog to be a big deal. I thought about doing it, but it was actually another field hockey coach who suggested I commit to it. It was after our end of the season coaches’ meeting (I was the head coach at the Spence School in Manhattan). We all went out for a couple drinks afterwards and I sort of let everyone know that I probably wouldn’t be back next year. They were all excited but sad to see me go. MJ, a coach at one of the other schools, was passionate about it, especially when I told her I used to be a sportswriter. When I told her we were driving across the country she threw her hands up like there was no other option but to write a blog. “It should start from when you put the keys in the ignition.”

She seemed more excited about it than me, which of course, got me excited. I made a decision that night, four days before we were leaving, to do it. I wanted to announce it to my family and friends, but I didn’t know if it would be anything really worth reading.

The night before departure, I was a mess. I went from feeling nothing to feeling everything all at once and it was too overwhelming. When we left Sunday, I was not OK. The boys seemed more excited than anything. I had no one to talk to. Then I wrote my blog. It felt wonderful. But more than that, the responses felt even better. I know my friends and family support me, but this was something more. I don’t know how to explain it. It was free-ing.

When I skyped with my girlfriends days later, it was the first day nobody commented on my blog. I was self-conscious. Was it boring? Uninteresting? Lame? I voiced this to the girls. “NO!” was the unanimous response. “I felt like I was commenting too much!” (Now I think they might comment just to make me feel better…it does.)

I’ve had other people reach out to me, as well (that’s for you Kel): an old friend from elementary school, a high school buddy I haven’t talked to in too long, college friends I haven’t spoken to since we graduated, family friends I weren’t aware were reading it. It makes me feel…not alone.

I felt like I should put this out there as a thank-you. You are all pushing me forward. I wanted to keep a daily blog for just the first week and then only post when something interesting happened, but it’s become a responsibility. I feel like I need to blog every day, and I enjoy it. If there’s really nothing going on in my day, then shit, I need to get out there and do something. This blog is motivation!

So thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Thank you for posting. When I spend the day looking for jobs and acting gigs and find nothing, I still feel a sense of accomplishment when I post this thing. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. You all rock.


*Billy Joel

12 thoughts on “Vienna

  1. Hey Lindsay…I loved your blog too. So nice to see you on the beach in OC when you were there for your girls weekend. I loved that you all do that every year and this year you all had SO much to celebrate. I have been thinking about you and the move to Cali! What a huge under taking and gutsy move and I have so much respect for following this dream. Great luck with this next chapter of your life!!! Have a blast! XO

  2. I haven’t commented yet so just wanted you to know I love your blog and check regularly to see when you post a new one! Wish you weren’t across the country, especially with thanksgiving and christmas but I’m really glad and proud you’re already doing well out there! Love you Lynn ❤

  3. well its no secret that i have developed a dependency on your blog and was horrified today when i realized i had missed this post somehow!!!! i love your blog and you, “as well”.

  4. Well you already know that I love reading your blogs…i mean couldn’t you tell that I read them everyday when I talked to you the other night? I felt like I had been stalking you lol. But seriously Lin, I’m so proud of you for taking this next big step and am so excited to see what’s next for you. I look forward to reading your blogs everyday..and to see what’s going on with you & the boys out in Cali. Can’t wait to come visit!!! But you’ll be coming home first….for my wedding:)))) Love you!!! Sorry for such a long reply lol.

  5. I love your blog. Today I was in the worst mood – and I was like.. crap I missed a few of your blogs! I read them all – and I am considerably happier. You are so right. If there is nothing worth writing about during your day, its time to get out there and do something! I’m going to play field hockey tonight. I’ll score you a goal. Go Hawks.

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