Hold on Hope

Sleep in and then watch Attack the Block with Sonny, Troy, and Mike. Our place is so cold. There’s something about being cold that makes me so unmotivated. I need to be warm. I finally get dressed and go for a five mile run at the Chandler Bike Path. This is now my go-to place for running. It’s great. The weather is amazing as usual – sunny, warm, with a nice breeze.

I shower and head out to find a job. Back to Venice to follow up on Joe’s Restaurant. They’re closed until 6pm, but the manager lets me in. We sit down and chat for a few minutes. Austin is from Ohio: only been here for four months. Most of the employees are actors. He tells me how well they’re all doing. “Our hostess was just in a commercial, one of the servers was in an All-State commercial, another one just got something. I’m producing something right now, actually.” That’s great, Austin. I’m so happy for you. What about me. “Well, we’re not hiring right now, but maybe in January. I’ll keep you on file.” See ya later. This is becoming repetitive. I walk to my car and head back home, but stop at the Federal, first. I went here last Saturday night and liked it. I went in Tuesday and the hostess told me to apply online. So I did. But I want to follow up and speak with a manager.

On my way, the phone rings. I don’t answer. One, because I don’t like talking on the phone when I’m driving. It’s illegal (is it illegal in California?) and I can’t multi-task while driving, anyway. Besides, I always screen my calls. I park and listen to my voicemail. It’s Frenchy! I can barely understand the message but I get that he wants me to start training and to call him back. Too funny. I listen to the message again to try and understand his name. I think he’s saying Robert, but French so like Roe-bear. I call. Hi, can I please speak with Roe-bear? “Who?” Roe-bear? “Roe-bear? Umm.” I start to laugh. I’m sorry. I might be saying his name wrong. He just called me to start training as a bartender. “Oh, haha, that’s OK.” How do you say his name?? “Shoe-pae-er” I have no idea. Something like that. I ask her to repeat it. Nope. Still. Nothing. Frenchy gets on the phone. I blast through his name and introduce myself. They have a bartender leaving so they need me to start immediately. “Can you start training tomorrow?” Yes I can. See you tomorrow, Frenchy.

I still go into the Federal. Managers are in a meeting. Hostess tells me to call on Monday. I head home and tell Mike the news. He picks me up like I just won the championship game, but I know better. No celebrating yet. This is too reminiscent of New York. I was living in Manhattan and applying every day. This one place, T-Bar Steak and Lounge, had a line out the door for a bartending position. Later that night, the manager called me up and asked if I could start training the next day. Woohoo! I’d been in the city for probably two weeks and hadn’t gotten anything yet. I was pumped. PLUS, Jackie and Pat were in the city for the night. I was actually in their hotel room when I got the phone call. They were so excited for me.

We go out to dinner to one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants, Bar Americain, a little expensive for me at this time, but whatever, I just got a job! Time to celebrate! Dan and Nicole are with us, too (I think). Afterwards, we go to another bar. Who wants a car bomb? Round of car bombs on me! I just got a job! Oh, Lindsay. Stupid, stupid, Lindsay. I trained for about five days at this place. And then it was all shady. They didn’t have any shifts for me. Someone who had left for a while had just come back. I never even got paid for training. It was horrible.

Still, this is promising. I’ll see how training goes. I’m mostly nervous about communication. Frenchy is going to get so annoyed with me saying, What?, come again?, sorry? and fire me before I’m even hired. He first says he wants me to train during the week when it’s slower, but then he calls back and says to be in at 5pm on Saturday night. Welp. OK, Frenchy. Throw me into it. I like it better this way.

There’s a pep in my step as I head to CVS. I pick up a big, cheap bottle of wine and some Christmas decorations. Classy. I’m home before the boys – they went to the movies to see The Descendants but it was sold out so they went to Buffalo Wild Wings instead. They walk through the door and none of them even notice the snowman welcome sign I’ve put on the front door. Jerks.

*Guided by Voices

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