Skater boy

Me and Devon

Laundry this morning, so might as well watch my first Christmas movie of the season: The Santa Clause. Yesssss. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in the Christmas spirit out here but it really makes no difference where I am.

Later, I take a drive to go job hunting in Venice. I knew coming out here that traffic would be a nightmare, so I try to embrace it. First, find an all Christmas music station. Score! Second, don’t get road rage. Just enjoy the ride. I turn up the radio and drive past palm trees with the windows rolled down and nothing but blue in the sky. I’m in the opening credits of Bad Santa. (I actually finally watched it a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised.) Back in the Valley, Mike and Sonny have been asking me if I’ve seen any Christmas tree lots around. Yes! I have! There’s a bunch of places around that have been setting up, but they haven’t put out the trees yet. This is wonderful. The boys are getting into the Christmas spirit. They already want to buy a tree! False. Sonny and Mike want to get a job at one of these lots. They go to about six. No one is hiring.

Hit up about six bars when I finally get to Venice. It should have taken me a half hour but with traffic and getting lost once, it’s been an hour and a half. No one’s hiring. Shocker. Mike calls and asks if I want to meet up with them at James Beach Bar and Grill for fish tacos. It is, after all, Taco Tuesday, and James Beach is the place in I Love You, Man where Jason Siegel insists they go for the best tacos. I’m close anyway, and have one resume left, so I head over with low hopes.

They don’t open until 6pm, so the staff is just setting up when I arrive. I sit at the bar and wait for the manager. Brian sits down next to me and asks a lot of questions that I’m not ready for, like where I like to eat and what are my favorite bars and restaurants. Not really relevant since I don’t live in the area, but it doesn’t matter anyway because I rarely go out to eat. I need money to do that. He asks if I know anything about wine. I feel confident with this because I love wine. He asks if I can name five varietals of red. Pssh, yea. Oh, you mean you want me to? Sure. Pinot noir, cabernet, merlot, petite syrah, and shiraz. OMG what??? Why did I say those? The first three should never have come out of my mouth. Every idiot knows those. Cory (my boss at The Turtle Club), would be so disappointed in me. Cabernet franc? Malbec? Tempranillo? Red zinfadel??? Red zin is my favorite and I didn’t even say it. I froze. I froze for a bartending job. So pathetic. “So what brings you here tonight?” Uhhh, I Love You, Man. No, I can’t say that. I tell him my friend works in Venice and told me I should check it out. This is a lie. Well, sort of. I do have an acquaintance in Venice who has been suggesting some bars for me to see. James Beach is not one of them. “Oh yea, I know Devon. Well we’re not hiring right now, but I’ll keep you in mind if anything pops up.” Cool. I text Devon to let her know that I shamelessly just dropped her name. She’s fine with it. “Everyone in Venice is a family. Come to my bar tonight, I have a fundraiser thing going on.” I’ll be there. I come back to James Beach and sit at the bar until the boys arrive. I’m trying to decide on a glass of wine. Brian comes over. “You like red or white?” I’m a red drinker. How’s your red zin? (See, I know more wine! Hire me!) “It’s good. The Molly Dooker shiraz is amazing.” Sold. Thanks. Of course it’s amazing, it’s $14 a glass. Exactly what I can afford to spend. Ughhh. I have to get it now. Thanks a lot, Brian. The shiraz IS amazing. It’s phenomenal and worth every penny. The boys arrive. Now I have to tip well, too. Leave 20 bucks for the bartender. Awesome.

James Beach Bar and Grill fish tacos

We all order the mahi mahi fish tacos and split an order of calamari. I don’t have anymore wine. The tacos are delicious. Next stop, The Venice Whaler. We pull up and I realize that Mike and I were at this very bar last July when we visited California. So weird. I’ve never met Devon; we’ve only emailed and texted. She’s a successful photographer. Her stuff is pretty sick.

She’s an old of friend of David’s (my other boss at The Turtle Club). As soon as I told him I was moving out here he called Devon up to see if she could help me out. I think I spot her. Devon? “Lindsay?” She walks over and gives me a big hug. I introduce her to Mike. Troy and Sonny are still parking. Devon’s a sweetheart. She’s super busy but makes time to talk. She’s in charge of a fundraiser for Movember (a moustache growing charity event held every November to raise awareness for men’s health). I buy a couple raffle tickets and order us some drinks. Sonny and Mike are the DD’s this evening, so Troy and I do shots of Jameson. Why not. We stay until they do the raffle even though I never win anything. Two hours later Devon is drawing the winners. I follow along on my ticket. The first one she reads…is mine! Hahahahaha. Hysterical. I can’t believe it. I go up for my prize. A brandddd newwww skateboard! Just what I wanted! I immediately think I should sell it. Mike says he wants it. Ummm. I’ve never seen you skateboard. I’ve been with you for five years. He gets mad at me. I’m the crazy one who wants to sell the skateboard.

I don’t use the restrooms before we leave and regret it on the long ride home. I’m going to pee myself. Seriously. I hop in the back seat and attempt to pee in a water bottle. Not so much. Mike pulls into our driveway and I stumble to the front door and make it to Harry Potter’s cupboard as fast as is humanly possible. Why am I admitting this? So that when the boys do dumb things I can talk about it and not feel bad. It’s just fair this way.

I win!

*Avril Lavigne

9 thoughts on “Skater boy

  1. lol I was so excited you won, but knew it was going to be to good to be true : ( Sell it!, we think alike. HAppy THanksgiving Lynn! love you and so thankful I have a friend like you!

  2. Skateboard! Lol Two wires came to mind while reading: ” you want some sammichesssss?” and ” I’ll see ya later or I’ll see ya another time”

    Love the Xmas spirit in LA!

  3. One year for Christmas me and mike both got skateboards and tried to do tricks in their backyard. I think that lasted about a week hahaha

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