No Rain

The view from our balcony

It’s a dark and dreary, cold and rainy day in NJ. I mean LA. What? I moved here for the beautiful weather. OK, maybe not, but it was definitely a bonus in the decision-making process. At least Mike is working today. That’s right. 495 productions called him to drive a van around for one of their new, stupid reality shows. He has good connections with them from working on the Jersey Shore last year. He got his call time last night and found out he only had to drive 5 minutes to get there today because it’s on the same street we live on. How convenient. With these things he’s never sure how long he’ll be there. Fortunately, Mike shows up only two hours later (he gets paid the same amount no matter what, so only working two hours is a pretty sweet deal).

Since we’re all home, we take another family trip. Good Lord. I make a list of stuff we need at Target. I read off everything we should be looking for. The guys aimlessly walk around not paying much attention to anything else but their phones. I easily lose them. They find me. I try to make them useful and tell them to find a trash can for recycables. I get mostly everything else except some things they need for the grill. I can’t find matches, but we at least have a lighter at our place. As soon as we walk in the door, Sonny asks, “Did we get matches?” No more family trips.

I talk to Mom and Dad on the phone. “Hey Lynn, wow, sounds like you’re just around the corner!” RE (roll eyes). Yes, Dad, it’s amazing how telephones work these days. He’s so jealous the night football game is on at 5:30 for us instead of 8:30. Mom wants to know what I want for Christmas. She’s been asking me since September. All I can come up with is a Keurig.

At night, Mike, Troy and I head over to my friend from college, Mike U.’s place to watch the Giants-Eagles game. He lives five minutes from us. What a small world. We were in the same major together at Monmouth. Mike sat right behind me in film history class with a professor who looked like Jeff Goldblum. I’m sure I was a real treat in a three-hour night class on a Wednesday night. Mike’s in the industry (shocker). He does it all – writes, edits, produces. His friends Dave and Marci come over to hang out and watch the game, too – both actors. Dave is super friendly and outgoing and wants to know what we’re all doing in LA. He’s funny explaining how everyone’s a hyphen here. You can’t JUST be an actor. You have to be an actor-director-writer-producer-web series-porn star. (Maybe not that last one). He is very modest but seems to be doing very well for himself and I tell him so. “You’ve only been here four days! What can you do in LA in four days? Get AIDS?” I like Dave. Marci is also a complete sweetheart and tells a funny story about vomiting in the middle of a restaurant. I’ve been highly entertained this evening (thankfully, since the G-Men lost). Marci gives us all a big hug goodbye and we all agree to meet up in the future.

“It’s all about making connections, Lindsay. We’re planting those seeds.” Mike is a walking Guide to Make it in California.

*Blind Melon

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