Wake Up

Allagash Curieux - my favorite beer...on draft!

It’s dark and dreary today. What’s up, California? This is not what I signed up for. I can still wear flip-flops outside, so I’ll take what I can get.

Up first: Staples to print both resumes – one for acting, which needs to be on plain white paper to staple to the back of my head shot; the other for bartending. I go for a nice, copper resume paper. Real professional. I will totally get the job now. The girl helping me is adorable. Is she an actor? I think everyone I see here must be.

I head to North Hollywood Park for a run. Looked it up online. Super easy to reach: only a mile away and only have to make two right turns to get there. Naturally, I get lost. Two miles later I reach my destination. Once around the park is one mile. Well, it’s certainly no central park. Here I go comparing NY to LA. So what, it’s lame. Two laps around the park before I head back to the townhouse.

Job hunting time. Mike joins me. We head to Sunset Blvd and check out four places. I immediately ask to speak to a manager. Otherwise, my resume might just get tossed in the trash. It’s mostly all the same – we’re not hiring right now, but we’ll hold on to it. Great, grand, wonderful, terrific. There is some hope with the last place, though. I’m here a while, filling out an application and giving references – it’s the only place I’ve had to do this. Then the general manager, Bob, sits down with me. “So, what are you doing here?” I’m an actor. “Really? I never would have guessed.” Yes, Bob, I’m a total cliché, will you hire me?? “Well, we’re not really hiring right now and I don’t see that we will in the near future. All we really need right now is a hostess.” This is the last thing I want, but at least it’s something. “How about you get back to us in a week if you’re interested.” Perfect. I get Bob’s number and head to the car. It’s better than nothing. Hopefully I find something better, but if not, I will call Bob in a week at The Hungry Cat on Vine Street. I see a sign that says Hollywood and Vine. That’s definitely lyrics from a song. I figure Billy Joel. Nope, it’s Hilary Duff.

Back at “home” Mike grills up some chicken to go with a salad I put together (trying to ween ourselves off the fast food). We all watch Seinfeld episodes Mike downloaded (no cable here). I freakin’ love Jerry. Definitely the best sitcom of all time. Best drama – Dawson’s Creek. We laugh hysterically even though we’ve seen the episodes millions of times. As my Dad would say, “Classic.”

Sonny’s “friend who is a girl” arrives. Jen. I realize I haven’t hung out with a girl in almost a week, so it’s nice to have her around. Mike and I make a quick run across the street to 7-11 for beer and wine. Clutch. We get a cab to Big Wang’s, a local sports bar. The bouncer looks at my NJ ID –  an easy conversation starter. Find out quickly that we both went to Monmouth. He was a senior when I was a freshman. Go Hawks! Next up, the Federal, across the street. Allagash Curieux on draft. Are you kidding me? Yes please! What a delicious beverage. This place is pretty chill, I like it. Maybe I should bring in my resume.

*Arcade Fire

7 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. just so you know i read most of your blogs out loud to everyone last night, we were impatiently waiting for this one so i could read it as well. it was so nice to “see” you and talk to you last night, we have to make a habit of that!!! I think the “Federal” is meant to be, after i read that part i said to everyone…”this is the part of the book where she ends up getting the job there, meets a famous agent while waiting on them, and makes it big in Cali”.

    p.s. “yes Bob im a total cliche” makes me giggle

    p.s.s ive never seen your head shot!

    1. hahahaha you read all of them?? sometimes when im writing i think how you will definitely laugh and appreciate some parts more than others. that was one of them, and when i got lost on my run. lol.

      you have definitely seen my head shot, it was my last profile picture!

      1. most of them! if this blog turns into a book, can i be the speaker in the book on tape version?
        -i definitely have seen your head shot, too much champagne made me forget that fact.

        i think i will totally fit in with your hollywood friends in the future, based on my champagne love alone. otherwise, they will probablly all hate me and think that there is something wrong with me.

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